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El Do picnic brings taste of nostalgia


Walking down Main Street during the 141st Annual El Dorado Springs Picnic, you are sure to see spinning of a fascinating confection of fluffy sugar that tastes like a wonderful blend of fresh sweet berries and vanilla as it melts on your tongue — cotton candy.

The smell of fried dough sprinkled with sugar — which, when all put together, forms a funnel cake — will flood your nostrils. 

From a distance, you can hear chatter and laughter from patrons and excited children screaming on carnival rides.

The iconic enormous metal wheel known simply as “the ferris wheel” will certainly catch your eye. In fact, it probably caught your eye earlier from a mile away. 

Superheroes dressed in their official costumes will brave the heat and make their rounds all around the picnic in hopes to make a young one smile. Concerts and other live entertainment will fill the park all day and evening long.

This is a weekend where photos will be captured and memories will be made in El Dorado Springs.

For the past 141 years in the month July, the El Dorado Springs picnic has brought colossal fun to the small Missouri town. This three-day event is a celebration of the founding of the city.

For locals, this picnic is a tradition no different than celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. With traditions, you can create lasting memories.

Many times, those lasting memories are more important than the physical gifts that we give and receive. Now, more than ever, keeping traditions like the El Dorado Springs picnic provides something steady, reliable, and safe for many in what they would call a confusing world.

With tradition brings nostalgia — a sentimental longing for the past of a joyful time. This annual event reinforces the identity of El Dorado Springs and keeps old traditions from disappearing, while helping to create new ones.

The number of individuals’ and organizations it takes to put on this yearly event and make it a success is indescribable.

Each person involved in putting together this annual event brings a unique perspective that can appeal to more guests. Several behind-the-scenes workers helped by planning, zoning, crafting, organizing, and working this event just to make it successful. Every one of these volunteers were essential and do it for no purpose but to keep this tradition alive.

While generations have come and gone and left behind their own footprints at the El Dorado Springs Picnic, one thing remains the same: it’s a time to celebrate with each other and come together in harmony.

To get involved or to find out more information on upcoming events, contact El Dorado Springs City Hall at (417) 876-2521 or visit https://cityofeldoradospringsmo.com/city-contact-info/.