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Adopt a shelter dog: A PCHS Update


October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Polk County Humane Society (PCHS) has had several dogs and cats adopted lately, in part to Izzy Hindman’s Pet Spotlight of the week.  Look for these cute animal perspectives in the Cedar County Republican, which has partnered with the Humane Society in hopes that all pets would find loving families faster.

Since March of 2021, the CCR has featured 23 different animals. We are happy to announce that Patch, Freckles, Penny, Honcho, Diesel, Precious, Kanan, Banaboo, Reese, Tobias, Emery, Darcy, Laika, Sable, Zoe, Bella Louise, Elvis, Priscilla, Cinnamon, and Shadow have all been adopted. Butch is pending adoption.

“Writing the pet spotlight every week gives me an excuse to love on animals that haven't gotten a chance to love in a while. I like all the dogs and cats, they each come with their own ups and downs.  Most of the animals are friendly and just need someone to adopt them,” shares writer Izzy Hindman.

For those interested in adopting, an application is required.  Potential applicants will be screened and should expect questions related to animal safety, how animals will be cared for and if other pets are around. PCHS recently received a grant from the Petfinder Foundation, who has partnered with KIA, to help sponsor adoption fees. Be sure to check if your favorite pet can be adopted for a discounted rate. Dog adoption fees vary depending on age, breed, or size.  Adult dogs are typically $150, adult cats $95, and kittens are $100.

Adoption fees cover various vaccines, heartworm testing, spay/neuter surgery, deworming, and other preventative medications while animals are under the care of PCHS. Dogs will be microchipped; however, this isn’t standard for cat adoptions. Cats can be microchipped for an extra charge.

“I love working with the animals, they are all my children. I love learning their personalities. I particularly like the more difficult ones, because everyone seems to think I have a magical way with them-I don’t even try,” says Laura Persinger, co-manager of PCHS.

The PCHS currently houses a total of 76 pets, including 20 dogs and 56 cats. A recently added climate-controlled room provides more space for animals as well. Nineteen dogs and 51 cats are being fostered at various locations.  Currently, there are 3 Regular fosters and several that are part of the Foster-In-Place program. This program gives animals an avenue to be featured for adoption even if there isn't space for them to be housed at the shelter. It also provides food, vet care, necessary medications, and vaccines for those being fostered.

“I wish more people would use the Foster-In Place program for animals,” shares Persinger…I really enjoyed Dolly, she came into the shelter with no hair at all.  She had been dumped out of a truck, people found her and fostered her for a bit.  We got her into the shelter, our vet tech started her on some thyroid medicine and Dolly’s hair started growing back…this merle pattern with spots…she was the sweetest girl.  She has been adopted since,” responds Persinger when asked about her favorite animal from the shelter.

Donations of funds, food, or other animal necessities are always appreciated.  PCHS prefers Purina Dogfood and could use donations of small-breed dog food. Fancy Feast canned cat food is preferred by their vet techs and is heavily used during kitten season which starts in the spring. Items that can't be used are donated back into the community. An indirect way to help all animal shelters is by spaying or neutering your pets.

PCHS will be at The Booth Country Craft Fair held on Oct 22 in Bolivar. There will be animals available for adoption at this event and craft items for purchase. Navigate the website, www.polkcountyhumanesociety.org, to find all available animals, applications to adopt/foster/volunteer, community resources, and contact information.  Follow on Facebook or TikTok at PolkCountyHumaneSociety.