Dear Editor,

My friend Ernie Rucker wrote about the importance of passing Medicaid expansion by referendum since our state government is captive of a very small group of millionaires, billionaires and outside interests.

Thirty-six states have already voted to expand Medicaid, some by referendum. Why? The increase in Medicaid patients is a boon to rural hospitals, according to the Missouri Hospital Association. Without it or a big increase in property taxes, Cedar County Memorial Hospital is probably done for.

The program would provide insurance for 200,000 more Missourians. It could save state taxpayers $95 million in Medicaid expenses since it is a federal program. Medicaid is the biggest expense in the Missouri budget. So, why doesn't our legislature pass it? Well, it is part of the ACA which is Obamacare. Our rulers hate Obamacare.

Our captive state legislature is busy with more important things than health care. One wants to jail librarians who check out books with S-E-X in them to minors. Is he going to jail? Google it! Another wants to pass “right to work” even though it was turned down by a two-thirds majority of the people in 2016. He says some things are too important to be left to democracy!

Another wanted to keep the statue “Ceres” off the Capital building to prevent Roman goddess worship. All of our days and months are named after Roman gods. What is he going to do about that? I have never prayed to a Roman god, but I sure thanked God for FRIDAY. State legislators don't work on Friday so they wouldn't understand. PLEASE, sign the petition.

Joe Welborn


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