Dear Editor,

The latest news was the money paid for kids to get into college. To me its a very personel thing. Edcuation is a very serious matter. While some can buy a degree. others can play sports and some are the privledeged few. Some American kids cannot get into college or a higher learing place. America will suffer with the lack of Brain Power. Who will unlock the secrets of the universe? Who will take up where Nickla Tesla left off? Who will be the next Dr. Saulk & find the cure for cancer or sickness that we humans suffer from? Who could make Star Trek a real thing? Cold fusion a real thing? I know the pain of not having a edcuation & how I have had to do without higher learning, my 8th grade education in todays world just doesn’t do it. I wonder where the next invention will come from. Maybe from a young kid in grade school. We cannot play with the lack of human knoledge. For the sake of our species I would hope everyone will respect our need for an education & higher learning.

Ernie Rucker


Editor’s note: Mr. Rucker specifically requested his letter be printed as he wrote it, to emphasize the need for education.

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