Livin’ on the mountain top 

This week I have experienced both life and death. Both joy and sorrow, dancing and weeping. I have welcomed a new life and said my farewell to another — Ecclesiastes 3.

Life is ever-changing. Seasons come and as quickly as they come, they are gone, changing and shaping us along the way.

I struggle with seasons. I have never been a fan of them. If I had it my way, it would be summer forever. I would live in a constant place of gladness, joy, dancing, adventures, and control. I do not particularly enjoy sorrow, weeping, hard days, and death. I dare say you do not either. I bet I am not the only one who prefers to live on the mountain top. But, we live in a fallen world and with it comes valley moments and seasons of pain and sorrow.

I wish with all my heart that death wasn’t a part of life. I wish hard days didn’t exist, but they do. Death is inevitable, and Satan lurks around seeing who he can devour. But we can have hope in the valley.

Hope's name is Jesus.

Seasons are a part of life and pain and sorrow will not cease until the Lord splits the eastern sky and returns for His church.

So, how do we live a mountain top life in the valley? A summertime life amid the winter days?

We lean into God and His fullness.

The same God who has given us an opportunity to overcome the curse of sin and death. The God who gave His son as a ransom for you and for me, who gave us the gift of eternal life. It is God's incredible grace, undeserved and unmerited favor.

We may experience valley days, but we do not have to settle for them. With God we can have peace amid pain. We can have faith over fear, live joyously despite the circumstances we face. We can live in the fullness God has for us. We can live a mountain top life in the valley.

For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace — John 1:16.

Downs serves as a young adult/college leader at her church with her husband. She writes faith-based columns in southern Missouri neewspapers.

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