“Mom, can we talk?” Wyatt asked.

(Gulp) “Um, sure,” I replied.

There's no feeling like when your 14-year-old asks you to sit down for a chat. If you have children, I bet you can relate.

And if I'm completely transparent, fear immediately gripped me. I thought, “Wyatt Downs, what did you do?” Mom of the year award goes to… poor kid. He's a great kid, and I immediately thought the worst. Great parenting, Cass.

Wyatt was quick to go into how he was currently feeling about being a homeschool kid. He expressed his desire to head back into the world of public school and enjoy his last four years with his buddies at school.

I wasn’t super surprised by his expression. I had felt it coming for a while. My little boy isn't so little anymore, and it’s time I allow him a little room to spread his wings, as terrifying as that may be for this momma. And it certainly is just that, scary.

As I headed out for my morning walk the next day, I went desperate to hear God's thoughts on the subject. Well, honestly, I went more desperate for God to listen to my thoughts on the subject. I began spilling all the reasons why Wyatt shouldn’t go. I spent an hour justifying all the fear I was experiencing. But God quietly whispered a sweet little reminder to me.

He said, “Cassie, Wyatt was mine first. And I will take care of him, protect him and speak to him.”

It was a hard truth for me to hear. God is in control and I was full of fear because I was trying to control a situation which isn't mine to control. Yes, I’m Wyatt's Momma, but God is the author and finisher of his faith. He has a plan, and He is in control.

Friend, when we allow God to fight our battles, it's a win-win. He fights, and we see the victory. I don’t know what situations you’re facing right now, but I encourage you to remember who’s in control — newsflash, it isn’t you. Allow God his rightful place in your life and situations, and He will show you the victory. God doesn't lose. I don’t know all the details to our story or what we will walk through, but I can be sure of how it ends. It ends with God’s glory and our victory.

"But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." — 1 Corinthians 15:57 NIV.

Downs serves as a young adult/college leader at her church with her husband. She writes faith-based columns in southern Missouri newspapers.

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