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Stockton, Mo. teen designs a unique way to travel



Cody Barton, 16, of Stockton has caught the “ear”, not eye, from a number of people in Stockton due to his unique motorized bicycle. 

Cody can be seen riding his bike down local streets, puttering through Sonic Drive-In, heading to classes at the high school, and buzzing down country roads to fish Caplinger Mills and Stockton Dam. 

He often has fishing poles mounted on his bike, but now he has tool boxes on each side for when the bike fails to run.

Cody said the motorized bike “... beats pedaling everywhere in the heat.” 

“I just find stuff to tinker with, like motor stuff,” Cody said. 

Cody said he ordered the motorized kit from Amazon and paid for it by mowing lawns. 

“I’ve had some complaints about the noise,” he admitted, “but I’ve been working on silencing it.”  In fact, Cody’s mom, Jessice Worley, said Cody has already ordered a kit to help silence it. 

Worley said Cody has always torn things apart and put them back together. 

“Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but he’s getting better,” Worley said.

In fact, Cody unknowingly had become the topic of a couple of past Stockton Board of Aldermen meetings where an alderman brought up the fact that she had received some complaints about the bike’s noise. 

In the second meeting, the aldermen agreed to let Mayor Brandon Cahill find out who Cody was and see what they could do to help Cody silence the noise. They indicated that they would like to commend Cody on his ingenuity. 

Shortly after the meeting, Mayor Cahill saw Cody in town, stopped, and asked him about his bike. He also offered help if he needed a way to quieten it. 

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