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Man faces felony for waste in local trailer park


The owner of Airport Village, a mobile home park located at 16230 S. Mo. 39 in Stockton, is facing a felony charge for criminal disposition of garbage. 

According to court records, Mitchell Withrow, 33, who resides in Painesville, Ohio, is charged with maintaining solid waste — a class E felony — in Cedar County Circuit Court.

Withrow allegedly purposely or knowingly disposed of — or caused the disposal — of more than 500 pounds of residential waste on the mobile home’s property from around May 24, 2021, through March 3, 2022, per the criminal complaint.

Airport Village is a mobile home park just south of city limits. Numerous residents live in the area. This past year, accumulating waste on the park’s property has been a common community concern.

“There has been trash just thrown everywhere in view of the highway for months if not a year,” one person said in March of 2022 on social media.

The Stockton Board of Aldermen have heard complaints about the waste at regular meetings, but no board action could be taken since Airport Village is just outside of Stockton city limits.

Additionally, the Cedar County Commission has been aware of the problematic waste, as well. 

According to Cedar County Commission meeting minutes, a resident expressed concern to the Commission over the trash in May of 2021. Minutes indicated that Airport Village is private property and the county does not have planning and zoning. The Cedar County Health Department was contacted.

Later, in June of 2021, the Commission contacted the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to check the status of trash being dumped at the park numerous times. The DNR had visited the site and were trying to contact property owners, per Commission minutes.

Then, in November of 2021, the Commission reported that Cedar County Prosecuting Attorney Ty Gaither was taking steps to file suit against Airport Village for improper disposal of waste.

The felony charge’s statement said a Cedar County Sheriff’s Office deputy had attempted to contact Withrow by telephone numerous times. Gaither also sent written correspondence without further contact by Withrow. 

The felony charge for this case is unusual, Gaither noted, saying he believes it’s the first time the county has filed this charge.

“It’s a serious enough charge that we believe it will get Mr. Withrow’s attention and he will take some action in this regard,” Gaither said. 

Several attempts by the CCR to contact Withrow have gone unanswered. 

If convicted, Withrow faces up to four years in prison, up to one year in the Cedar County Jail or by a fine of up to $10,000.