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Ding! Amazon parcel is waiting for you to open your door


Ding! Your order is here! It’s me, Amazon. Well, okay so I may not be that blender you ordered, but I can be nearly as useful. Maybe even more.

Can you cuddle with a blender without getting weird looks from people? No. But you can cuddle with me, and no one will bat an eye. Speaking of eyes, you may have noticed I am one eye down. No biggie. I just had some problems with it so I had to have it removed.

I’m all better now though and need no medicine of any kind.If it makes you feel better you can think that I’m always winking at you.

I’m okay with dogs, cats and kids, too. So I'm a perfect pet. EYE can’t wait to see you!

Navigate the website at www.polkcountyhumanesociety.org to find my profile, other available animals, applications to adopt or foster, and contact information. Follow on Facebook or TikTok at PolkCountyHumaneSociety