Her eyes cast down as she heard the news.

The prognosis indeed was dim.

Yet her faith was strong, ever trusting the Lord,

So, she lifted her eyes up to Him.

Her life had been full.  She couldn't complain.

God's presence had always been there.

So, she'd continue to look to Him through it all,

Placing herself in His care.

Her eyes said it all from the depths of her soul;

A reflection of her Savior within.

So full of His love and grace was she;

A crown of life she would win.

In the course of due time, those eyes gently closed,

As the Lord lifted her up.

Her beautiful soul was received into heaven

And into God's bosom of love.

He Stood By Her

By Willene Overfelt

He stood by her for better or worse,

In sickness or in health.

They shared their love and shared their faith;

To them their greatest wealth.

When sickness came to strike her down,

He continued to stand up tall.

She leaned on him when things got rough,

Knowing he'd never fall.

He prayed for a miracle from the Lord

And never gave up hope.

Remembering Lazarus in the tomb

Gave him faith to cope.

He stood by her to the very end,

Though the battle was not won.

And as she departed to her heavenly home,

He prayed, “Thy will be done.”

These poems were written in memory of Doris Helzer of Stockton, and in honor of her husband and caretaker William Helzel.