The misplaced Windstream tower already being moved

The original Windstream tower sits disassembled near the intersection of Mo. 39 and 950 Road as plans to move the structure to a safer orientation are already underway.

A recently completed communications tower owned by Windstream Communications met with opposition from Cedar County officials over the last week due to the structure’s base being in close proximity to the path of vehicle travel on 950 Road, northwest of the Stockton city limits.

Whether the error was in measurements provided to a contractor, construction missteps or just  simple oversight, it became clear to county officials the structure was indeed in the wrong place upon initial inspection.

The out-of-state contracting company who performed the construction work said the measurements were an error on Windstream’s part and supplied to them erroneously; Windstream’s stance was that of contractor error.

Regardless of reason, county officials are pleased with the quick action and attentive responses from both the contractor and Windstream regarding the tower’s need for relocation.

“Things like this can just happen,” Cedar County southern district commissioner Bob Foster said. “It’s being corrected immediately and we always enjoy working with Windstream. All the commissioners are pleased with how swiftly this was addressed and it’s actually an easier fix than most people realize.”

Foster also confirmed the county’s desire to continue working with the company on future endeavors and said the county’s stance on rural connectivity remains unchanged.

Presiding commissioner Marlon Collins also confirmed the county is continually open to use of right-of-way’s for better phone and internet service coverage which further increases ease of communication for the county’s rural areas.

The communication tower will be reconstructed at a safe distance from the roadway over the coming weeks and has already been removed from its previous placement.

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