Moore is taken into custody

Robert J. Moore is taken into custody by Cedar County Deputy Mike Dozler moments after being sentenced to two decades in state prison.

With investigations and criminal proceedings lasting more than two years stemming from crimes committed in Nov. 2016, Robert J. Moore is now headed to prison.

Near the onset of the case, Moore was offered a 15-year plea agreement by Cedar County prosecuting Attorney Ty Gaither.

Moore originally declined the offer and referred to it as “basically a life sentence.”

During the second day of trial proceedings earlier this spring, Moore surprised the prosecution by changing his plea to guilty and negotiated a prison sentence with the help of his public defender, Frank Yankoviz.

Circuit Court Judge David Munton accepted a tentative agreement wherein Moore plead guilty to two first-degree class B felony charges of child molestation.

Near the end of the hearing, members of the victim’s family were invited to address Moore.

The juvenile victim’s mother accepted and gave an emotional conveyance of the pain and damage Moore’s actions caused. However, the victim’s mother said the family has grown closer and tried to use the heinous circumstances as a way to foster positive growth, healing and forward momentum as a cohesive family unit.

When given the opportunity to make a statement to the court, Moore remained seated and uttered a one-sentence denial, though he already plead guilty and acknowledged the terms of his sentencing agreement.

The charges Moore plead guilty to each carry a 10-year sentence and will run consecutively, meaning Moore will be sentenced to 20 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

“We asked for these [charges] to be stacked and we were completely opposed to any kind of probation,” Gaither said. “We feel the 20 year sentence is appropriate given the severity of the crimes involved with this case and the victim’s family wants to move forward.”

Moore, who was free on bond pending formal sentencing, was remanded into custody just moments after Munton officially handed down the 20-year sentence a few minutes after 1 p.m. Monday, June 10, at the Cedar County courthouse.

Moore will be housed in the Cedar County Jail until he is transferred to the Missouri Department of Corrections at a future date.

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