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Stockton High School sophomore Summer Kenney pushes past a Lamar Lady Tiger defender at home on Monday, Jan. 11. Kenney was the leading scorer of the game with 26 points.                                                              

The Lady Tigers claimed a tight win over the Lamar Lady Tigers at home on Monday, Jan. 11, after pulling in from behind the lead midway through the game. 

In the beginning of the first quarter, the Lamar Lady Tigers moved into quick offensive prowess, claiming two three-pointers and four in the paint for ten on the board. 

Meanwhile, Stockton trailed by one point in the first quarter by scoring two three-pointers from sophomore Summer Kenney, who also scored a free-throw point, and two points by junior Kara Hedrick, taking the score to a close 10-9 at the end of the quarter.

In the second quarter, Lamar once again pushed points to the board and crafted more a gap by the half. With 6:44 in the quarter, Lamar had put 4 on the board for 14-10, and by the time 4:46 hit the clock, Lamar held the reins at 18-12. Just over a minute later, Lamar’s lead grew to 21-14. 

Stockton’s momentum was pushed, however, as Hedrick scored two points for the house, senior Jenna Rickman scored four points and a free-throw, sophomore Kylie Hunter scored two free-throw points and Kenney claimed four free-throws, quickly gaining on Lamar’s 24-21 lead by the half.

After the half, Lamar attempted to keep hold over Stockton, but the SHS Lady Tigers kept the points rolling in, with Kenney clearing a nothing-but-net three-pointer and four points in the paint, as well as a free-throw by Rickman.

Lamar’ frail lead over Stockton was in dangerous territory near the end of the third quarter: with 1:32 minutes left, the Lady Tigers were down by just four points at 34-30. 

A back-and-forth across the court led to Rickman scoring a clean jump-shot for two points, which was then answered back by Lamar for another two, once again leaving the scoring gap by four points at 32-36. 

In the game’s final quarter, free-throws by Kenney cut Lamar’s lead to a razor-thin margin by 36-35. Hunter then made a clear shot in the bucket with 6:17 on the clock, leading the Lady Tigers with the lead at 37-36, only for this score to be tied half a minute later once a Lamar Lady Tiger claimed a free-throw.

The Lady Tigers’ saw themselves persevere for the win, however, when Rickman nailed a three-pointer with 5:20 minutes left in the game, giving the house the winning edge at 40-37.

Fouls against Stockton were heightened in the final quarter, but the home-court Lady Tigers took swift advantage of their shots, with Kenney scoring six free-throws at the line, and Rickman and senior Abby Flora scoring one each. 

Stockton’s comeback saw the Lady Tigers score 15 on the house in the final quarter compared to Lamar’s tired five points. The Lady Tigers ultimately claimed the win by a score of 47-41.

Kenney was the leading scorer of both the game and for the Lady Tigers, followed by Rickman with 12 points, who tied with Eli Daniels, Lamar’s leading scorer. 

The Lady Tigers are next slated to face the Strafford Lady Indians in Strafford on Thursday, Jan. 14. As of press time Tuesday, Jan. 12, the Lady Indians hold a 10-4 season record. 

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