Also votes to change banking services

While not making it official, the four members present at the Monday, Aug. 6, meeting of the El Dorado Springs City Council indicated they would vote in favor of a request to annex a property into the city.

At council’s last meeting two weeks ago, George Methven asked his home at 402 S. First Street be annexed in order to tie into the city’s sewer system, adding the Cedar County Health Department had threatened to press criminal charges because Methven’s septic tank was outdated.

By state law, the public had 14 days to comment on the matter before council could vote on it. No comments were submitted, but an ordinance had yet to be drafted. However, mayor Brad True, mayor pro tem Cory Gayman, and councilmen Jimmy Luster and Nathan Murrell all stated their intention to vote for the proposal at the next meeting. Nick Bland was absent.

Luster’s approval was reluctant, he said, because only one property was being annexed.

“I understand the problem the gentleman has with his property, and I’m certainly sympathetic,” Luster said, “but as a matter of principle, I am very much opposed to these individual annexations. If we’re going to have annexations, then we need to do it in a logical, useful manner. We have streets now that are half in the city limits. We have one that’s three quarters in the city limits, and one quarter is out. This is what we get with piecemeal annexation. I’m concerned about the piecemeal approach to annexation.”

City manager Bruce Rogers noted some areas outside the city have access to city utilities because of handshake agreements made with developers back in the 1960s. He added if the city wanted to annex a larger area, all the affected property owners would have to agree to it. If even one objects, it would then have to go to one or possibly two public votes of city residents and residents of the proposed annexation.

Elsewhere, the council voted 4-0 to move the city’s banking services from Simmons Bank to Community National Bank and Trust. Community National submitted a bid of 2.36% daily minimum interest paid on city checking accounts. Simmons bid 2.1% compounded monthly, while Community Bank bid 2.02% compounded daily. Mid-Missouri Bank did not submit a bid.

In public forum, resident Glenda Baker submitted a written statement in response made to comments from the Monday, July 1, meeting. A suggestion had been made for the city to apply for a grant from the Kaysinger Basin Planning Commission to obtain funds to help beautify the city.

“The Chamber of Commerce Clean-up committee discussed the Kasinger Basin grant opportunity several times,” Baker wrote. “We were told the city didn’t have the manpower to compile the statistics [needed for the application]. It was implied no one was willing to help. We all offered to help in any way we could. However some of the statistics, such as eligibility requirements, can only be done by the city and the city would be the one applying for the grant.

“There are several community groups, organizations and churches working to make our community better. To imply otherwise is an injustice to a lot of our citizens.”

The council did not comment on Baker’s statement.

Rogers reported gross sales were down about $7,000 at this year’s El Dorado Springs Picnic. The festival brought in about $68,000 compared to $75,000 a year ago. Rogers is working with vendors to make sure all sales taxes are properly collected.

Rogers also passed out a sale bill for a public auction of surplus city items, scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 10, at the city utility warehouse, 405 W. Oak. City employee John Koger will be the auctioneer, taking no commission for his services.

The council then went into executive session to discuss personnel matters.

The next meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 19.

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