Dear Editor,

June 11, 2010, was just like any other summer day. Our kids (Kenny 15, Abigail 10, and Josiah 7) were outside in the garden with my husband and I.  

I decided to take some potatoes to my elderly neighbor. As I was visiting with her, my oldest son came banging on her door telling me Josiah had been run over by a lawn mower; and I needed to get to Cedar County Memorial Hospital as soon as possible.

When I walked into Josiah’s room in the hospital emergency room, I could see his heart and lungs were literally exposed. His hand was almost cut off and barely being held together by a thread. The nurses and emergency room doctor were working hard to stabilize him. The ER doctor had already called Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, and they were on route to get Josiah by helicopter. 

Within a matter of minutes, God used this medical team to provide time critical stabilizing care to Josiah and get him on the helicopter for transport.  

If we wouldn’t have had a hospital in our town, I don’t believe my son would be alive today. The next closest hospital is over 20 minutes away. Josiah had lost so much blood, a blood transfusion had to be initiated in the ER prior to transfer.  

Until you, a family member, or a close friend have been in a life or death situation as we faced that day, I don’t think you can truly understand how much our community needs CCMH. Please consider this, and vote yes for the hospital’s property levy proposition on April 7.  

Angie Batson

El Dorado Springs

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