Area veterans, invited guests and community supporters gathered for a Mardi Gras celebration Friday, Feb. 21, at Amvets 116, Stockton for food, fun and comradery. Since the following Wednesday was the start of Lent, the group had much fun, enjoying a New Orleans-style meal and their favorite drinks.

A ballot box with certain officers’ names was paraded around asking for votes at a cost of $1 each, giving the named officers the opportunity to become the Mardi Gras king for the evening.  

Much to do about nothing, the monies were counted as soon as dinner began, and the night’s favorite officer was crowned with Leonard Hopkins becoming the king for the evening’s festivities, thanks to the many votes he received.

True to tradition, a Mardi Gras cake was baked with a miniature toy baby hidden inside the sugars. The lucky winner who found the baby in his piece of cake was Leon Sartain, and he was gifted a $20 bill for his good fortune.

Everyone at the event had a great time and many can’t wait for the next party. 

Stockton Amvets 116 is located at 11885 E. Mo. 32, 4 miles west of the Stockton square, and additional information regarding membership, post amenities, upcoming events and facility rentals can be obtained by calling 276-3414 between 11 a.m.-7 p.m. seven days a

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