50 years ago, Nov. 27, 1969

Mark Rosenbaum and other members of the local Scout troop recently contacted 12 scouts from different parts of the United States by short wave radio.

Wilford York, our former wrecker and salvage yard man, purchased the liquor store on West U.S. 54 from Mrs. Edna Brown, who ran the business herself after the death of her husband. The Browns were in business there since 1947.

Football: Stockton 26, Lockwood 12.

25 years ago, Nov. 30, 1994

This year’s black walnut harvest is lower than expected, accord to Dwain Hammons, president of Hammons Products. From what has been collected, Hammons has purchased in the low 20s, rather than the mid-20 million pounds of nuts.

Department heads reported to the Stockton Board of Aldermen Monday, Nov. 28, that all of the employees were against a proposed at-will employment policy. According to the employees, the policy would give them fewer chances to correct any mistakes and would make their positions with the city less stable.

Boys basketball: Stockton 93, Bronaugh 91 (OT). Tigers: Nate Noot 20, Jackson Bird 12, Justin Zumwalt 12.

10 years ago, Nov. 25, 2009

Two Stockton residents have been arrested and charged in connection with a bust of a meth house on College Street. David J. Boeding, 28, and Brandee Miller, 27, allegedly were involved with possession of a controlled substance and keeping a public nuisance.

After being on the to-do list for about a year, ground finally was turned Tuesday, Nov. 17, to begin replacing the sewer mains on College Street from Jackson to Locust. The 220-foot section is only the start of more than 1,000 feet of sewer lines to be replaced.

The Stockton Lady Tiger basketball team is hosting a Mary Kay Christmas extravaganza from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 6, at the Korth Center in Stockton. The team will receive a portion of the sales from the day.

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