It was a Tigers vs. Tigers bout at the pre-season jamboree hosted in Stockton the evening of Friday, Aug. 25.

Though jamboree games go unscored and do not count against any participating team’s seasonal record, the matchup brought the divisional competitors together for a full-pad scrimmage as both teams ready for their respective season openers. 

Lockwood’s Tigers got a real pre-season look at what the two teams can expect to see on the gridiron as the dueling Tigers exchange big hits, along with explosive offensive and solid defensive plays.

Through much back and forth, and a few big plays, both teams got a healthy look at the coming season’s opposition and saw competitive athleticism throughout the evening’s game.

Weighing in after the game was over, Stockton Tiger’s football coach told the Cedar County Republican the team showed solid motion moving into the season opener.

“Offensively, we had flashes where we executed well,” Rader said. “We need to eliminate some self-inflicted mistakes that killed some drives throughout the night. The positive there is they are things we can control.”

Looking ahead into the coming weeks, Rader said the Tigers will focus on a tougher mentality and consistence.

“The big focus over the next week is going to be eliminating mental mistakes,” Rader said encouragingly. “There were things we did well sometimes, but hurt us when we lost mental focus. We will need to eliminate as many of those as possible to prepare for [the matchup against] El Dorado [Springs]. El Do is a good team with great athletic ability. We cannot help them out with our own mistakes.”

Moving into the week ahead, the Stockton Tigers will next face the Bulldogs of El Dorado Springs in the annual Cedar Bowl game this Friday, Aug. 28, at El Dorado Springs High School.


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