Vapor Maven manager Austin Surber pauses for a photo as he conveys all the offerings the new Stockton location has to offer in the way of smoking alternatives and supplements.

Current locale offers smoking alternatives, health supplements

Vapor Maven, a specialty retail location offering smoking alternatives, edibles and infused supplements is officially open and ready for business as of the new year.

The new Stockton franchise offers vape juices for electronic cigarettes in essentially any flavor imaginable and in strengths from zero to 24 milligram nicotine content.

In addition to basic electronic cigarette refill supplies, the new locale features an expansive variety of high-tech electronic cigarettes and mods, along with glassware, papers, candles and an enormous spread of CBD-infused health supplements.

“I know the community and the area here,” Surber said. “I encourage anyone to stop in — even those who might be skeptical — and see just what all we actually have to offer. We stock all kinds of healthy supplements and infused items. There are literally products here that are saving lives. People would be surprised at what we keep in stock and there’s something here for just about anyone.”

Vapor Maven has 96 locations throughout the southern and midwestern states and is continuing to expand in 2020.

The new Stockton location is open from 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday, from noon-7 p.m. Sundays, and can be visited at 1201 S. Ward St., Suite AA, Stockton, or by calling 276-8626.

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