Stockton bests Ash Grove 18-0

With a pregame coin toss which honored Stockton Middle School science teacher Kenda Siebenaler as an honorary captain and local education hero, the Stockton Tigers took the home field for the first time in 2019, Friday, Sept. 6, at Joe Price Memorial Stadium.

With a scoreless first quarter, Stockton looked a bit out of sync in the game’s first 12 minutes on the clock against the favored Ash Grove Pirates.

Moving ahead into the second quarter, Stockton’s offense came alive with a reverse play for major double-digit yardage pulled off by Drew Wheeler which seemed to turn the game’s tide.

The Tigers hit the gas and never looked back.

Going into halftime, the bout was 12-0 in Stockton’s favor, leaving many naysayers or apprehensive fans with a more optimistic look toward the game’s second half.

A key third-down sack courtesy of Kyler Hall in the third quarter squelched Ash Grove’s closest venture to the end zone during the evening’s bout.

Forced punts and high-pressure pass defense for coach Travis Hurley’s Stockton Tigers were both consistent and allowed the offense to control the three latter quarters of the matchup.

Stockton’s offense controlled most of the remaining 12 minutes of the fourth quarter and Ash Grove was ultimately unable to put anything on the board.

The Tiger’s only noticeable struggle throughout the Friday evening matchup was missed PAT’s — failing to complete extra-point kicks three separate times after each of the game’s three touchdowns.

Looking forward to the week ahead, the SHS varsity Tigers will next play host to the Skyline Tigers at 7 p.m., Friday, Sept. 13, as Stockton looks to improve its 1-1 record early in the season.

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