An October fall scene with an angler fishing on a pond.

A growing number of campers, hunters and anglers are finding out October is special for many reasons including fewer bugs, less traffic around the lakes and streams in our area and more beauty to see as the fall color gets underway.

A friend, Fred Martin, has four children and knows the value of family camping. Because school is going on this month, family camping for them is only possible on weekends.

“I have found if you want to know what is going on in your kid's minds, take them camping,” Martin said. “More than almost any other family activity, camping with your kids can do as much for them and you too. Walking through the woods, observing wildlife, chasing bugs or lizards or just watching the stars and spending time with your kids in this type of setting can do wonders.”

In a world of pressure from peer groups and the harmful influences of substance abuse, along with the recent mass shootings in this country, parents are searching for ways to channel their children’s energy and imagination. Unfortunately, long days at the workplace can keep parents from spending the necessary time with their families and the weekend is spent attending to any number of other obligations.

Camping with the family provides the opportunity to filter out the distractions of the rat race and participate in activities that promote enduring relationships between family members.

Martin said of fall family camping, “One of mt favorite things is to watch the freedom the kids experience when we go camping, fishing, hiking or spending time in the fall woods. I love to watch their sense of wonder of how big the trees are, of where the paths go and what kind of animal tracks they are, of all the things we never notice on a daily basis.”

Hunters are getting ready for deer, turkey and migrating birds as well as local game seasons starting this month. Anglers are finding good fishing as the lake water cools down and the fish get active.

As Martin said, “It’s no wonder that October, like April, are my favorite months of the year.”

White, a Stockton resident, has a versatile background in sports as a participant and journalist. His column appears weekly.

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