The Stockton Tigers boys basketball team made a perennial effort against the Greenwood Blue Jays at R-1’s home turf on Tuesday, Feb. 4, ultimately falling to the Springfield team, who have a 18-3 season record. 

The Blue Jays started the first quarter with a fast pace, moving hard drives down to the net and ending with 25 points by the end of the 8 minute mark; on the home-court hand, the Tigers’ defense worked while they pushed through to get 8 points on the scoreboard. 

By the end of second quarter, the Tigers more than doubled their load by reigning in 22 points, with the Blue Jays slowing down their initial explosive momentum and ending the half with 42 points. 

The game’s second half, however, saw a tighter offensive push from the Blue Jays. The final score of the game was 43 to 76. 

Away from home 

The Tigers also played the Strafford Indians in Strafford for the school’s courtwarming on Friday, Feb. 7, falling to the 15-6 record team with a close score of 47-60.

The first quarter of the game proved the match up to be a close race, with Stockton pulling in 9 points over Strafford’s 8. Tate Wheeler brought in both a 2 point and 3 point shot, while Drew Wheeler also brought in 4 points near the end of the quarter. 

The second quarter saw the Tigers bring 9 points in again, while the Indians found their stride and doubled their offensive momentum by scoring 22 points to end the half. 

By the third quarter, the Tigers upped defense and brought 10 points to the net, while Strafford brought in 13. 

The game’s final quarter saw the Tigers score 19 points over Strafford’s 17, but the Indians’ second quarter points-load secured their final win. 

Pierce City at home 

The Tigers faced the Pierce City Eagles at home on Monday, Feb. 10, ultimately falling just 11 points shy with a final score of 40-51. Drew Wheeler and Jay Baxter scored 14 points each. Cole Garretson brought in 7 points, and Tate Wheeler added 5 to the house.

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