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There’s no denying it, the work world has witnessed seismic shifts in recent years. There are lots of factors contributing to this radical change—everything from unpredictable economic forces to massive waves of technological innovation have changed the way people approach the very notion of work. This shift exists on both ends of the spectrum, as […]

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The modern work world has seen tons of changes sweep across industries in recent years, largely led by seismic shifts in technological innovation that have completely revolutionized how many of us handle our jobs. There’s simply no denying it: today’s workplace is a brave new world. How we work and what we’re able to accomplish […]

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It takes many, many desk workers but only a select few executives to make the corporate world spin on its axis. That imbalance may make an executive position seem virtually unattainable for the average employee. But while elevating to the executive suite does require an exceptional amount of ambition, it’s not an unachievable goal. So […]

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Stockton city workers use an asphalt saw to cut into a portion of South and Richter streets as they attempt to locate a water leak under the r…

When you hear about “hot” jobs these days, they’re typically white-collar or traditional office jobs in the tech or healthcare sectors. But there are also lots of high-paying, fulfilling jobs that are more physical, or that operate outside of the 9-to-5 cubicle life. If you’re looking for something outside an office, here are some highly […]

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Whether you work for a recreational facility like a ski lodge or are responsible for managing the retail sales push throughout the holidays, seasonal hiring comes with a lot of paperwork, onboarding, and job ad placement. The paperwork associated with the usual hiring process is often magnified by the need to fill several vacancies. When […]

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In an ideal world, everyone would be able to work as long as they feel fit to do so. In our unfortunately real world, a focus on ever-younger generations in the workplace and the challenges of age discrimination make the issue of age in the workplace a fraught one. However, with the Baby Boomers working […]

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