Lady Buffalos continue track stampede

The El Dorado Christian School varsity track teams competed at the 2019 MOKAN Conference track finals Monday, May 6, in El Dorado Springs. 

The ECS girls placed first in the MOKAN Finals with 228 points.   


Isabelle Bryson: first in pole vault, long jump, 4x200 M relay and 4x400 M relay, third in javelin. 

Lucia Rogers: first in 100 M and 4x400 M relay, second in 200 M and triple jump, fourth in long jump. 

Olivia Bryson: first in high jump, 800 M and 4x200 M relay, second in 1600 M and 3200 M.

Jordanne Steuck: first in javelin, triple jump and 4x400 M relay, second in 400 M and 800 M. 

Christian Steuck: first in 300 M hurdles, 4x200 M relay and 4x400 M relay, second in shot put, third in 400 M. 

Sophia Bryson: first in 4x200 M relay, second in high jump, fifth in 200 M, sixth in triple jump.


Tyler Kay: second in javelin and 4x400 M relay, fifth in 400 M, sixth in discus. 

Brenton LeeMasters: first in javelin, second in triple jump and 4x400 M relay, third in 1600 M, fourth in 800 M. 

Rylee Bowman: first in 300 M hurdles, second in 4x400 M relay, 3rd in 400 M and javelin, fourth in 200 M. 

Camren Reasoner, sixth in shot put, 10th in discus.

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