Dear Editor,

Each holiday season seems to bring with it a flurry of activity surrounding Black Friday. It’s hard to ignore the insanity of standing in line for hours and bum-rushing the door of a big box store in search of a bargain. But what I am focusing on at the end of this week is the lesser-known, more civilized shopping experience of visiting a small business.
Small Business Saturday is this weekend and in addition to my usual visits to pick up the dry cleaning, grab dinner at the pizzeria and fill up at the local gas station, I’ll be making sure my December gift-giving comes from a community-based business. I’m happy to report I’m not alone. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Job Creators Network, almost 81% of respondents plan to spend at least some of their holiday budget at a small business, with 76% spending about the same, if not more than they did last year.
In a world where packages are being delivered by drones in some parts of our country, it’s nice to know 94% demonstrated an appreciation for the positive impact Small Business Saturday has on their communities. After all, the businesses participating on Saturday, Nov. 30, are also the same folks sponsoring our children’s little league teams and donating their goods for charitable raffles.
The results of the Job Creators Network survey are great news for small business owners and I look forward to doing my part in promoting Small Business Saturday. Please join me this weekend in thanking our local small business owners by shopping small.

Kalena Bruce


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