Dear Editor,

The column from Avery Schiereck [New era agriculture, “Water,” July 24] was very good, to the point and correct. Kudos to her for her opinion.

The National Geographic Society called water the next great American crisis. I agree taking the salt out of seawater is not easy, but we Americans need to look to the future and learn how to use our water, store water, recycle our water and practice smart irrigation.

The Himalayan mountain range feeds great rivers like the Mekong, Salween, Irrawaddy, Ganges, Jamuna, Indus and others. China was thinking of going through the Himalayan Mountains and taking water from the snow pack of the west Himalayans. This could mean great water shortages and war.

Maybe taking a note from the Chinese, we Americans could store water in our western states with man-made lakes. Could it be possible to use flood waters to fill lakes and store water? It would be costly, but the need for water could override the cost.

If we can put a colony on Mars and the moon, perhaps using the money for such an adventurous achievement could be a Panama Canal-type thing that could be many times over worth the try? Just a thought. Maybe so, maybe not.

Ernie Rucker


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