Dear Editor, 

Joe Biden is right! We are in a battle for the soul of our nation. 

Do we move back to the Godly principles this country was founded upon or toward the satanic influence which took root in some of our institutions of higher learning and then spread throughout our country?

On abortion; do we take the pro death stance of New York and Virginia, or the pro life stance that God gives life and the lives of all people are valuable?

Are ministers allowed  to preach on all aspects of the Bible or should some of it be considered hate speech and forbidden?

God’s word says that Satan is the ruler of this world and in the end he will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. 

So the choice is clear. Pick which way you want our country to move and vote accordingly. Either we are for God or satan. That is the choice every person makes in this life and that choice determines your eternal destination. 

Footnote: my perspective on schools of higher learning was from the student guidelines of Harvard students in 1636 and Yale students in 1787 and where they are today. 

Robert E. Bell,


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