Dear Editor,

The land the Chinese will take over for hog farms or chicken farms: Why not let a young couple take over and have a family farm? Let’s give a couple of Missouri people an abandoned farm deal and let them raise hogs or chickens and raise the seed and raise the crops to feed livestock. But the main crop would be kids, farm kids who would be raised and would go to school and the family be a part of the community wherever the farm was, any town, any part of the state.

Pass legislation to help acquire the farms with rules saying they live on the farms and with the help of the county extension agents raise healthy bees, hogs and chickens.

Also collect taxes and revenue from such farms, an older tractor and machinery to be used. They would be a Missouri farm family. This could and should be done, not sell our land to non-Americans or people not from Missouri. Corporate farms are not the way to go. I saw a good 40-horsepower tractor go in a farm sale, a real bargain for $1,400. It had all the live power things and good rubber, a real prize for a starter farm couple.

I’m sure people will find all kinds of problems with this idea. I don’t think one needs to have a mega-farm to have a living. At least it would be a Missouri farm for people of Missouri. I would hope the House and Senate would get such a bill. I think it would help our state and rural areas with new farmers and cattlemen. The rural schools could have new kids in classes. Would a Missouri homestead of farms make a go? Probably not.

Let’s sell our farms to non-Americans and pollute our streams and drinking water. Let’s turn the state of Missouri into the state of misery, or possibly do something that would be a real piece of legislation that would be a hallmark of our nation. The farm and machinery and livestock would not be free. Everything will be paid for.

Ernie Rucker


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