Dear Editor,

A campaign was waged against me in the last issue of the Cedar County Republican regarding potential Americans with Disabilities Act violations and negative views.

I felt a need to address this immediately.

First, let me be starighforward on this subject — I had a brother who suffered a traumatic brain injury and I have a granddaughter who has cerebral palsy, so the accusations stating I am against people with disabilities is absolutely unfounded and cruel.

When I ran for mayor of Stockton, it was with the intent of making sure the residents and the city of Stockton were a priority. 

The truth of the Shared Streets situation is the committee wants to put a gate from a residence into the cemetery. 

Currently, there is an ordinance in place which does not allow recreational vehicles, including golf carts and scooters.

My personal opinion is a cemetery is a sacred place and should be respected as such.

I also checked with the city’s insurance and they do not recommend this since there is heavy equipment being used to dig burial plots, which could prove to be a liability issue.

I plan to stand my ground on this issue andI hope the committee can find an alternative route without going through the cemetery.

Roger Hamby


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