Corporate interests “own” state government

Dear Editor,

There's a saying that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. The same could be said of electing the same people over and over again. Missouri has term limits, but the “owners” just have different people to run the state the same way over and over.

Confined Animal Feeding Operations are the latest example. Practically no one wants huge, smelly, polluting CAFOs in their county, but huge corporations do. Most all of them are out of state and the biggest are out of country. Guess who got the vote by “your” state government?

The next thing will be to gut the reforms of Clean Missouri passed in 2018 by referendum and to impose right-to-work even though two-thirds of the people voted against it. One state senator implied some things are just too important to be left to “mob rule.”

It's a simple question. Do you want a government who listens to “we the people” or do you want a government paid for by the “owners”?

Joe Welborn


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