A colorful sunset greets the Cedar County horizon.

Wednesday, Nov. 27: 47-33, Sunshine and some clouds

Thursday, Nov. 28: 41-38, Periods of rain

Friday, Nov. 29: 56-50, Rain

Saturday, Nov. 30: 58-35, Showers and clouds

Sunday, Dec. 1: 39-24, Mostly cloudy

Monday, Dec. 2: 40-26, Partly cloudy

Tuesday, Dec. 3: 47-31, Intervals of clouds and sunshine

Stockton Lake elevation: 868.29

Lake temperature: 50

Weekly precipitation: 0.14 inch

Farmcast factoids

•Forecast Potential rain and wintry weather late-week, temps steadily cooling.

•Waterfowl Goose and duck seasons underway, migratory birds traveling south.

•Moon Waxing crescent, Sunday, Dec. 1.


•Wildlife Firearms season is open for deer, bucks and does more skittish.

•Fishing Crappie and walleye feeding in deeper waters, pungent and audible baits yield consistent results.