Feb. 26, 1942, June 20, 2019

Ruby Mae Simmons, Stockton, was born Feb. 26, 1942, in Cedar County, to Chester and Goldie Simmons. She was an only child.

Ruby attended Stockton Public Schools and was a member of the graduating class of 1960.

Ruby was a quiet person throughout her scholastic years. While living at home, Ruby attended an Assembly Church with her parents.

After graduating and getting married, there are many years without much information regarding Ruby.

Ruby married an older man after school and had two children; a daughter who died in infancy of crib death, and a son, Waylon, who was adopted some years later.

Upon her return to the Stockton area, she was assisted by the county to make her home at the Community Springs Nursing Home in El Dorado Springs. During her time there she was protected and loved by staff — she was known for always returning their affection.

Ruby passed away Thursday, June 6, and went to her eternal home.

Her classmates of 1960 held a memorial Thursday, June 20, for past friends and acquaintances at Lindley Prairie Cemetery pavilion where they honored Ruby’s life and shared memories from years past.

Ruby was laid to rest beside her parents after the memorial and her remains were transported to her final resting place by classmates.

Good bye, dear friend, until we meet again.