Mayor recaps city’s recent accomplishments

With a full agenda and a later-than-usual start, the Stockton aldermen gathered for the board’s first August meeting 6 p.m., Monday, Aug. 12, at Stockton City Hall.

After an invocation from Pastor Dale Hill, Stockton Presbyterian Church, the agenda, current bills and previous meetings’ minutes were approved.

Norell confirmed park board plans for a dedicated veterans area in Stockton City Park were moving forward.

While bids and specific project options are being considered, the city approved the Stockton Community Foundation to handle collected donations and vendor payments, as this is part of the foundation’s function in community betterment projects.

The city also voted unanimously to moved earmarked donated funds specifically for the permanent piece of “The Wall That Heals” to SCF, as these funds were already allocated for project efforts associated with the wall itself, which is to be incorporated into the veteran’s memorial in the western portion of the city’s main park.

“This is an important addition for our veterans,” Norell said, “and the [Stockton] Community Foundation is already setup for this exact type thing. It’s what they do. And, by letting them handle this, we eliminate the city being the middleman. It’s just a good fit since they would be the ones securing grant monies and paying vendors.”

City clerk Vanessa Harper confirmed the successful installation of new bookkeeping and financial software was underway at city hall.

Harper said the process would take some time to complete, but the new software streamlines old processes, eliminates the need for multiple records systems and will eventually allow for online bill payments regarding city water, sewer and trash bills.

Harper said the online payment option will likely be available sometime later this fall.

Aldermen additionally approved the closing of street entrances to the parking lot north of Mo. 39 just east of the Stockton square later this month.

The entrances will be coned-off from 4-6:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug 22, for Mid-Missouri Bank’s annual customer appreciation day.  

In legal communications, city attorney Peter Lee presented a proposed easement from local Stockton resident and business-owner Micahel Saathoff.

Saathoff requested a travel easement from his personal property which borders the city’s airport ground on the western edge of the southern portion of the airport tract.

After a brief discussion to clarify specific terms of the easement, the city voted to approve Saathoff’s requested easement with the provision it only applies to himself — making the easement non-transferable in it’s current state.

In mayoral communications, Norell took the opportunity to recap some of Stockton’s significant successes and accomplishments over the last year.

Stockton’s recent accomplishments

•Solar projects completed for north and south water towers

•All city buildings transitioned to LED lighting

•New accounting system installed for city offices, implementation and training already underway

•New pilot’s quarters was to be installed; became part of the facility being paid for by new skydiving company

•A new area for cremated remains was established in the Stockton Cemetery, local boy scout Ben Andra is assisting as part of his Eagle Scout project.

•Park improvements — Which include removal and replacement with matching grants funds. The city is currently awaiting approval of the grant.

•Two new mowers were purchased for city works crew use

•Additional security cameras were purchased and installed for the city

•Chains were purchased for the fire department, south room of the fire station was cleaned, painted and conference room furniture was acquired for departmental use from the Lamar Chamber of Commerce for $300

•5-year plan by CFS Engineers should be complete in a matter of weeks

•Surf Street water line project was completed

•Both water towers were painted, north tower was washed out and one water clarifier was painted

•New lighting was purchased and installed in the Hagel and Street Department buildings

•Replaced a boom for the city’s safe-side mower at a cost of more than $22,000 which works with the existing tractor equipment.

•Worley, Orchard, James and Crestwood Court cul-de-sac were patched and sealed

“I believe we have had a productive year,” Norell said. “We’ve accomplished a number of our goals and as we move into planning our next fiscal year, we’ll continue to work with city employees and our community to stay on a productive path together.”

Norell also mentioned ongoing projects the city is currently working on and potential grants the city has submitted for, including, but not limited to: the Complete Street grant which should be completed and submitted by September. Stockton residents Marilyn Ellis and Becky Groff are involved with looking at plans and logistics for striping possible areas of travel for bikes, pedestrians and golf carts to move throughout the city, the Department of Energy’s “Roadmap to Resilience”  grant which will involve participation by the then of 2020 and the potential city involvement of rehabilitating and developing approximately 187 acres of land owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the end of RB Road.

Plans to add a pollinator habitat to the city’s north water tower area are also in their infancy.

Norell said the project — established by Cheryl Marcum and Sharon and J.L. Goughs — will be a multi-year endeavor which will result in an almost zero-maintenance area for city crews while adding native flowers and plants which will assist local insects and bee populations.

Alderman Mary Anne Manring also commented on Norell’s leadership, citing her drive to accomplish numerous projects while maintaining a focus to better the greater Stockton area with a fiscally sound approach.

Open session adjourned at approximately 7:30 p.m. with the aldermen voting to go into closed session.

Stockton city aldermen will next meet at 4:30 p.m., Monday, Aug 26, at Stockton City Hall.

Aldermen meetings are open to the public and interested parties are encouraged to attend. 

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