Dear Editor,

Is Stockton VFW Post 5525 worth saving?

I have been asking myself that question for several weeks now, since first I received a letter from the post commander stating a vote was going to be taken to close 5525 and consolidate with another post in El Dorado Springs. 

I attended that meeting and voted no to consolidation; however, the motion carried and I thought that it was a done deal our post would be no more. That is until I recently received another letter stating, in an interesting turn of events, the post in El Dorado Springs had actually voted no to consolidation. 

Now it appears a vote will be taken on Thursday, Dec. 10, to disband the post. 

The reason cited for this move is a lack of participation in post operations by the membership. 

I will be first to admit that I, for one, have not been participating. At the time of the original vote to consolidate, I penned a letter to commander and officers explaining why and making some suggestions that might breathe life back into the organization.

Still the question remains — do Stockton area veterans of foreign wars care enough to provide the effort needed to keep this post alive. 

Until 2006, when my work took me away from the area for ten years, my wife and I were active members of our post and I have many fond memories of the camaraderie, parades, honor guard, veterans outreach activities, student outreach and countless other veteran related activities, as well as manning the kitchen on Saturday bingo nights and generally lending a helping hand. 

I know many of our older members have passed on, but I am satisfied there are plenty of younger vets out there who are eligible for membership and who would become involved if they are welcomed into the organization. 

Not sure what good it will do, but I intend to show up at the Thursday, Dec. 10 meeting and once again vote no to the demise of a worthy organization. Hope to see a lot of the old members there. 

Phil Nichols


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