After picking up momentum in the second half of Stockton R-1’s courtwarming game on Friday, Jan. 31, the Tigers pulled in six points shy of taking the win over the Skyline Tigers for a packed house of hometown supporters.

The first half of the game saw fast moves from the Skyline Tigers, who kicked the game off at a high pace and ended the second quarter 34 points, while Stockton came into the half with just 17.

The game’s final score saw Stockton fall 54-59, after a strenuous effort by Stockton players to make a run at the lead in the final minutes.

After the game was over, Stockton coach Derald Henderson told the Republican when his team slowed down the pace of the game, they made better decisions on offense, including getting less turnovers, better shot selections and more offensive rebound opportunities.

“In the first half, they really sped us up,” Henderson said. “They did a good job. They were going faster than we were comfortable with. We just made a lot of mistakes.”

Looking back on what could have been improved, Henderson said his team could have played better “the full 32 minutes.”

“We played a really good second half, and really probably through the midway-second quarter on,” Henderson said. “We just had a really slow start. We got out of the gate slow, and that’s hard when you’re playing a team with the offensive firepower and the players they have.”

Regardless, however, Henderson said the game was a great courtwarming. 

“We played the number five team in class 2 on our own floor with as many people in the gym as we usually will get, so I’m glad that we got to play a game like that here,” Henderson said. “I thought the environment was good. I thought it was a good decision.”

The Stockton boys played hard, he added, and every player played a part in the game.

“I just want to grow and build moving forward,” Henderson said.

Following courtwarming, the Stockton Tigers boys team’s next home game was against the Greenwood Blue Jays on Tuesday, Feb. 4. The score was not available as of press time. 

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