Aldermen Steury announces resignation, annual budget to be approved

With a full agenda and all elected officials present, the Stockton aldermen met Monday, Sept. 16 at Stockton City Hall.

After approving the previous week’s minutes Robert Dawes, Lake Stockton Elks Lodge 2858 was recognized and requested the closure of Elks Way for a local charity event.

The local lodge will be hosting an annual bicycle rally for area children on Saturday, Oct. 12. The event will feature a bicycle course, safety instruction exercises, a giveaway for children in need of bikes and helmets and an open house to showcase the lodge’s facility and amenities.

The aldermen unanimously approved Dawes’ request and the city will close Elks Way on the requested date for the charitable event.

Alderman Barbara Pate thanked Dawes for the organizations many contributions to the area, the school, the local food pantry, veteran causes and the many area groups the local lodge donates to annually.

Law enforcement liaison, Corporal Mike Bullinger, Cedar County Sheriff’s Office, was present to convey information from the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office.

Bullinger said traffic citation numbers were down due to personnel changes and a restructuring of the department’s staffing schedule. Bullinger said the numbers will likely return to normal levels as the new schedule has been implemented and solidified.

In scheduled business, Ordinance 19-560 was read, motioned and approved. Becoming Bill 560, the measure adjusted last year’s figures to match actual income and expenses.

After confirmation from city attorney Peter Lee, a contract regarding noise ordinance signs from the Missouri Department of Transportation was given the go-ahead and will be signed off on in the coming weeks.

City clerk Vanessa Harper informed the board Stockton Elementary School and Stockton Middle School have both been in communication with the city regarding the potential need for additional crosswalks and signs for the Blake St. area behind the school’s complex on South St.

After some input from all alderman, mayor Mary Norell and public works supervisor Raymond Heryford, alderman Mary Anne Manring said the schools should be contacted directly and an on-site visit with city staff would be the most reasonable approach to assessing the schools’ needs properly.

A meeting will be scheduled in the coming week to inspect the area and recommendations will be brought to the board at the next meeting.

Near the end of open session, Norell presented a draft of the city’s proposed law enforcement agreement. The city currently contracts its law enforcement services to CCSO, which is headquartered in Stockton.

Norell spoke highly of Cedar County’s law enforcement services and said the only issue the city has with its current agreement is consistent financial clarity.

Changes to the annual law enforcement contract address these issues without cutting services or dramatically changing the current operational structure of the contract itself.

“This is about clarity, documentation and transparency,”Norell said. “It’s just so everyone understands the same numbers and we’re all on the same page when it comes to our city’s agreement for law enforcement services.”

Discussion surrounding specific language in a few of the contract’s sections were had and Lee will address the suggested changes to present the agreement again next week.

City building inspector/code enforcer John Wilson requested permission for the city’s field employees to attend a free safety training in mid-December. The training, hosted in Springfield, focuses on a number of maintenance practices and procedures. Wilson said the training was not only useful to all city employees, but it was scheduled at a seasonally beneficial time of the year so as to allow for increased attendance and participation.

Wilson also requested he be allowed to attend a one-day training class in relation to building codes and newly-passed marijuana legislation. The class, held on Thursday, Sept. 26, is being hosted in the Kansas City and will cost $100.

Both requests were unanimously approved by the board.

At the end of the meeting’s open portion, south ward aldermen Jason Steury announced his resignation from the board of aldermen effective Oct. 1.

Steury cited personal reasons for his resignation, thanked the board for all it does in running the city and said he would remain in his position to get next year’s fiscal budget approved before ending his tenure.

Norell thanked Steury for his contributions to the city and said his presence would be missed.

The board closed open session at approximately 7:30 p.m. and went into closed session to discuss legal and real estate matters.

In an effort to allow proper time and review of annual budget projections, the aldermen will next meet at 6 p.m., Monday, Sept. 23. The meeting will focus on approving the city’s 2020 fiscal budget.

Aldermen meetings are normally held at 4:30 p.m., the second and fourth Monday of each month at Stockton City Hall. The meetings are open to the public and interested community members are encouraged to attend.

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