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The Stockton board of aldermen vote to approve the Stockton Lions Club’s use of the Stockton city square for this year’s Chicken Stampede.

The Stockton board of aldermen met in regular session on Monday, April 26, with a swift agenda at hand and a member from the public voicing his opinion over an upcoming business.

Alderman Barbara Pate acted as mayor pro tem, with Mary Anne Manring and Brent Wallen present. Stockton mayor Roger Hamby and alderman Charles Humberd were absent. 

At the beginning of the meeting, a member from the public — who provided his name as Charlie — voiced his opinion over the upcoming medical marijuana edibles company that is coming to Stockton, a topic which the board of aldermen discussed previously during Monday, April 19’s meeting.

At the previous meeting, the board of aldermen unanimously approved to sign a letter of support for Mo Manufactured Products LLC, a company which creates medical marijuana-infused edibles for sale toward licensed retailers only.

“I was wanting to ask — was this marijuana thing voted on by the public?” Charlie asked the board.

Pate said the matter did not need to be voted on by the public because Mo Manufactured Products is a business, which the public does not vote on for approval.

“I want to give you my opinion because I lived through this stuff once in Colorado,” Charlie said. “I left when they made it more or less legal … They started having this candy and stuff. People [overdosed.] Little children died. People got deathly sick.”

Charlie said he did not want this business venture to come to the Stockton community.

In response, Pate told Charlie the business is not going to be very visible to the outside community due to a lack of signage.

According to previous CCR coverage, Mo Manufactured hopes to be in operation by September this year at the building where Paul’s Diesel Repair shop used to be. The business will only sell medical marijuana-infused edibles to licensed retailers.

Members of the public will not be permitted to enter Mo Manufactured’s premises unless by invitation. Security will be high due to a security guard and over 20 security cameras. 

After a bit more discussion, Pate expressed appreciation to Charlie for voicing his concern, and also noted she had heard from several members of the community dually express gratitude for the new business coming to Stockton due to Mo Manufactured Products’ expectation of employing around 30 local employees.

Additionally, Manring expressed appreciation to Charlie for voicing his opinion, as well, and also noted there are pros and cons to the topic — with one of the pros being the benefit of medical marijuana for patients in need.

“As a city, we need to take the opportunity to bring job opportunities to our city,” Manring added. “That’s how we looked at it. It was an opportunity to bring a business here that gave an opportunity for others to have a job.”

Pate said everybody has the right to make their own choice.

“That’s why we’re here in America,” Pate said.


Moving on to board business, the aldermen voted unanimously to execute the city’s deed with Dollar General and all of the documents necessary to close on the contract.

Harper said it sounds like things are getting ramped up for the relocation of Dollar General in Stockton due to recent permits and certificates being signed off.

Later, the board unanimously approved to allow National Day of Prayer to be held on Thursday, May 6, at the Stockton City Park with fees waived.

Additionally, the board approved the Stockton Lions Club’s request for permission of the square for the Chicken Stampede. 

After Harper — who was also approved as the city’s floodplain administrator during the meeting — provided her city clerk reports, the board adjourned without a closed session.

The board is next slated to meet at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 10, at Stockton City Hall. During this meeting, there will be a public hearing over the proposition of reducing Stockton’s general speed limit from 25 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour inside city limits.

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