The SHS varsity Tigers found themselves on the winning side of the scoreboard after a hard-fought battle against the Bison of Buffalo the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 5. 

The game itself was four quarters of fast-paced offense, mixed zone and man-coverage defense, along with a competitive scoring bout throughout all four quarters.

Down by three with just over a minute to go in the fourth quarter, the Tigers would pull ahead with just seconds to spare as the game clock ran out. 

Looking at the victory as a complete team effort, SHS varsity Tigers coach Michael Draper shared his appreciation for his team’s scoring and defensive tenacity, ultimately leading to the 72-68 win over Buffalo’s varsity team.

“This was a big win for us over a very good basketball team,” Draper said crediting Buffalo’s competitive nature and the game’s fast pace. “As a team, we shot 22 of 32 from two [point territory] and we shot 8 of 21 from three [point territory]. We shot the ball extremely well in this game. And when you shoot like we did in this game, you put yourself in a great position to win.”

Soundly managing both sides of the ball, Draper credited Jay Baxter and Layne Colvin with having a considerable impact on the game.

“Obviously, when you get a 27-point performance from Layne Colvin, and 23 points and a double-double from Jay Baxter, that is huge. I can’t say enough about the job those two did and they both made huge plays down the stretch for us.” 

Stockton’s Braden Postlewait also supplied double-digit points by scoring 11 points in the bout. 

Speaking further about their opponent, Draper also called the Buffalos “very athletic,” noting the healthy opposition from Dallas county was capable of shooting from far beyond the arc and has standout players of their own in guards Jamen Smith and Bode Abraham, who the Tigers tried to contain throughout most of last Tuesday’s game. 

Looking ahead, the SHS varsity Tigers will next face the Panthers of Forsyth as the visiting team the evening of Friday, Jan. 15.

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