Bruce Rogers

A couple of failed tests of the El Dorado Springs water system has led to a review by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, city manager Bruce Rogers told the city council at its Monday, Dec. 23, meeting.

Rogers said the water system has had two months with two bad samples for total chlorination.

“If you have two bad tests in a month, it triggers a review by DNR, and here we’ve had two months,” Rogers explained. “We’ve gone a long time without even one bad test in a month, let alone two.”

Rogers told the council the city needs to disinfect the entire water system. So far, the west water tower has been drained and disinfected, and Well No. 4 also was disinfected. Wells 5 and 6 have passed their tests.

According to Rogers, DNR recommended hypo chlorination and removing old valve boxes from the water system, adding there might be complaints from residents about the water.

“We’ve had complaints before about the smell and the taste of the water, but never about the chlorination,” Rogers said.

Mayor Cory Gayman asked Rogers if he felt chlorination was needed. Rogers said yes, noting city residents and businesses — particular the dairy, restaurants and beauty salons — would have to be notified of the action. If chlorination does not succeed, the city may have to drill a new well.

Rogers said the water issue will likely be discussed again at the next council meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 19, when a new round of water testing results become available.

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