The Althoff’s loving Great Pyrenees/Labrador mix, aptly named “Huz,” stands guard in her aging years at the family-owned auto sales business on Mo. 32, which she was a part of for over a decade. 


Many throughout the area know Roman and Sherry Althoff and their family-owned and operated business, Althoff Auto Sales, in El Dorado Springs. 

The duo also sponsors local youth activities in the El Dorado Springs area and Sherry is active with the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post. 

Recently, the Althoff’s were hit with a loss many know all too well as they deal with the loss of a longtime pet.

“Huz” Althoff — who derived her name from her doting human father after acting not-so-lady-like on a humorous occasion in her infancy — passed away peacefully last week and will be remembered fondly by her owners. 

Always ready to greet a customer, guard an office or parking lot, as well as check on her owners’ well-being in any circumstance, “Huz” was a one-of-a-kind canine who never objected to her daily tasks. Many said the dog was a shrewd judge of character and always had enough sense to stay out of highway traffic zipping by the Althoff’s auto retail location. 

The furry employee was known to hundreds throughout the El Dorado Springs area and will surely be missed by scores of her admirers, friends, customers, neighbors and community members. 

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