Everyone involved in education — students, parents, teachers, administrators — always want to see young people learn under the best circumstances to maximize their potential for adulthood. How each individual goes about to achieve success differs, however.

The leadership team of the Stockton R-I district was asked to name their personal goals for the 2019-20 year.

“I would really just like to see us come together as a community, and just really focus on education and value education,” Dr. Shannon Snow, superintendent, said. “[I want to] come up with some solutions for kids who have chronic absenteeism, and just really emphasize education is what is going to help a lot of these kids get beyond Stockton, if that’s what they desire.

“I grew up in Stockton and chose to come back to Stockton, I didn’t have to. There are a lot of kids I would love to see stay in Stockton, but I want it to be their choice, not that they have to feel like they have to stay here because they can’t do anything else or go anywhere else. So I would like to see us just really place that value on education and give kids choices that they can utilize beyond high school.”

“We just want to continue to ensure our building is meeting the standards we’ve set in place and raise the expectations of our kids,” high school principal Mike Postlewait said. “I’m looking forward to having great activities and involvement throughout the district, so we’re excited about the new year.”

Robert Bolte, middle school principal, said his goal was “overall to just educate our students and progress as fast as we can. We have a lot of new faces in the middle school, so just coming together as a group and having a great year this year is our goal. We have a lot of new teachers, so getting them acclimated into the building and bringing them into the Stockton culture and just growing it.”

“As we prepare for the ’19-’20 year, we always look at getting better,” Dr. Doug Crawford, elementary principal said. “There’s always room for improvement — that’s teachers, that’s myself, the administration from top down. We obviously want kids to be safe, that’s the biggest thing. Our goal is to get them ready for the next step whether it be middle school or wherever they’re headed. That’s where we want our kids to be, to be well-rounded kids for whatever life brings them. I’m looking forward to it. This is going to be a good year.”

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