While the cool autumnal air and crowded audience stands of Friday night football games can seem lightyears away during this time of  social distancing and sweltering heat, the Republican caught a few photos of Stockton football team during summer football workouts on Monday, July 20.

As far as this year’s football season goes, a sense of normalcy seems to be in view; according to the Missouri State High School Activities Association, Stockton’s first game is scheduled on Friday, Aug. 28, against the El Dorado Springs Bulldogs at El Dorado Springs. 

MSHSAA also released information regarding how Missouri’s 2020-21 school year is going to look in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

If schools statewide are closed to in-person learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, MSHSAA will be “unable to allow for either a regular season or a post-season series in MSHSAA sports and activities,” the release said. 

However, if a majority of schools are open for in-person learning, efforts will be made to administer a regular season and postseason for those schools and students who are permitted to do so based on the guidelines of the local and state health departments. 

“In this scenario, MSHSAA does not intend to revoke the participation opportunities for students who are able to take part,” the release said. 

The release said as of Wednesday, July 1, the organization’s board of directors believe it would not be in the best interest of Missouri to pick and choose which sports/activities would be permitted to continue to have a season while at the same time restricting other sports/activities from continuing due to public health concerns. 

“Throughout the year, the board will monitor and evaluate circumstances and consult with public health officials to make decisions in the best interest of all students,” the release said. 

Speaking on the possibility of restrictions that might need to be considered on either the state or regional level, the release said since it is possible to have different areas of Missouri following a different set of guidelines/restrictions/allowances, it is possible not all schools in Missouri will return to sports or activities at the same rate or under the same expectations, and some may need to halt participation during the year for a period of time if conditions warrant. 

Additionally, schools that are only offering virtual education this fall due to health department regulations will not be permitted to offer sports during the period of non-face-to-face instruction. 

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