OATS Transit has announced it will be increasing fares this summer on some of its routes. The fare increases will affect the general public riding on senior scenter buses and area wide buses in Cedar and surrounding counties.

This change is being made to help offset declining revenues, while supporting increased ridership opportunities to the general public. The fares are necessary to maintain current levels of service and will directly impact the company’s operating budget.  

Rider contributions in the area have not changed for many years. Starting Monday, July 1, general public fares will be $2.50 for in-town riders each way, and $5 for county service. Seniors and individuals with disabilities ride under contracts paid by third-party sources, therefore these fares do not affect those individuals. To see the bus schedules, visit www.oatstransit.org and click on the Bus Schedules tab, then click on the county in which you reside. Trips can be scheduled by calling (800) 276-6287.

OATS Transit is funded, in part, through Federal Transit Administration grants through the Missouri Department of Transportation, Missouri Elderly and Handicapped Transportation Assistance Program, Area Agencies on Aging, some 351 Senior Tax and Senate Bill 40 boards, private contracts, rider fares and contributions from the community. No rides will be denied for riders unable to pay under the Older Americans Act on AAA routes. 

OATS Transit is a private, not-for-profit corporation providing specialized transportation to the rural general public, individuals with disabilities and senior citizens in 87 Missouri counties. The company is headquartered in Columbia with regional offices and satellite offices located throughout the state.  For more information about OATS Transit, visit www.oatstransit.org, and follow at www.Facebook.com/oatstransit.

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