A familiar face will take the reins as Stockton R-I School District’s new superintendent as the 2020-21 school year begins to materialize.

After much effort reviewing a number of qualified candidates, the local school district board selected longtime educator and administrator Dr. Doug Crawford to assume the role as longstanding district leader Dr. Shannon Snow retires this summer.

Crawford — whose most recent role within the district was the elementary school’s principal — holds an undergraduate degree in physical education, a graduate degree in the field of educational leadership, as well as a doctoral degree in education with an emphasis on superintendence.

Spanning his two decades in the educational, Crawford has been a physical education teacher, an athletic director, a high school alternative education teacher, taught at the grade school level, coached athletic teams, as well as held the titles of elementary and high school principal, respectively. 

In speaking to his familiarity and comfortability within the district, Crawford said he looked forward to the new role in a number of ways because, over the years, he has been in virtually every role an educator or administrator can hold.

“The district here is very involved and I appreciate the culture that’s been cultivated here,” Crawford said. “I appreciate what’s going on here within the school district and it’s a place I personally enjoyed teaching and holding different roles. I want to see that attitude and atmosphere continue.”

In addition to his experience, Crawford said his approach to leadership and administrative duties is multifaceted, based largely on his years in a variety of educational roles. 

“When it comes to policy-making and how administrative decisions are made, I am in a place where my professional experience allows me to understand them better,” Crawford said. “I see how changes and decisions at a district level directly impact the classroom, faculty, staff, athletics and students on individual levels. I can look at things from the perspective of a teacher, a parent, a principal or an administrator and I think that’s a very important part of why this new role is a good fit.”

Outgoing superintendent Snow offered her own support and endorsed the district’s selection of Crawford as her successor. 

“Doug is an excellent choice to lead the district,” Snow said. “His work in elementary has been great and his professional past is well-rounded because he’s worked at all levels of education. Doug’s got excellent character and he’s very approachable, too. He really has hit the ground running and I personally think he will do great in this role.”

Crawford also said he had not looked outside the district for similar opportunities — meaning the decades-long tenured educator was not seeking an educational outside of the Stockton school system.

“We make our home here,” Crawford said of his commitment to the area. “I wasn’t ever looking to leave the district, my wife and I have children in the school system here and I was never looking to relocate out of the area.”

Additionally, Crawford confirmed he will continue to maintain open communication with the entire district and will always be available to communicate with faculty, staff, students, parents/guardians and interested community members. 

Speaking personally about his goals moving forward and his approach to the new role, Crawford offered words of reassurance and commitment to the local educational community.

“I don’t want to change who I am or who the community knows me to be,” Crawford said. “This is a great district to work for and I will continue to develop a mutual respect with our district’s board, faculty, staff, students and parents. We’re in a good place, we’re doing a lot of things the right way for our students and I plan to continue that as we transition into the years ahead.”

Crawford welcomes communication from all facets of the Stockton R-I School District and can be reached via email at dcrawford@stockton.k12.mo.us or by calling the superintendent’s office at 276-5143.

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