Dear Editor, 

I have heard pros and cons concerning the Cedar County Memorial Hospital tax levy. I am not saying anyone against the levy is wrong or anyone for it is wrong. But this is my story. 

My husband, Randy, had a major heart attack on Nov. 1, 2008. I took him to CCMH emergency room. They confirmed he was having a heart attack, called for the air ambulance and stabilized him until he could be transferred to Springfield for treatment. If the hospital hadn't been here to stabilize him, the outcome of my husband's heart attack could have been deadly. On Jan. 10, 2020, my husband, Randy, had a major stroke. We got him to the CCMH emergency room where they quickly found out what type of stroke he had and determined he could accept the clot-busting drug that has to be administered within a few hours of the onset of the stroke to be effective. They were explaining every little detail they were doing and what to expect. Did you know CCMH is a Level 3 Stroke Center? This means, they had the clot-busting drug to administer to my husband which I feel saved his life and saved him from all the side effects a stroke can leave you. After stabilizing him, he was transferred to Springfield by ambulance. 

Again, without this facility, Randy's outcome could have been deadly. I want to commend the staff that was in the emergency room during both visits, but especially this past visit, since this visit still is so fresh in my mind. The doctor and nurses were exceptional, as was the x-ray techs — so knowledgeable and empathetic to our situation. The doctor had my husband’s arrival in Springfield all arranged at the destination hospital, making sure he did not have to go through emergency and went directly to the appropriate doctors for treatment. I guess I ask you, if this becomes your loved one, would you rather have a place for them to get treatment and stabilized, or take the chance they could make it to Springfield or Joplin and not die on route? 

I'm sure not everyone's outcome is as good as ours, but I'm glad the hospital was there to help. Does CCMH need to make some changes? I don't know. I am just thankful, they were there when we needed them. I will vote Yes on the tax levy.  

Sally Heisten

El Dorado Springs

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