As has been tradition for more than half a decade, local business owner Emily Mehl of Stockton Lake Properties and Princess Kentner of Shelter Insurance shared the sweet spirit of February by providing a meal, small gifts and neighborly fun to lunch-goers Friday, Feb. 21, at Stockton’s Korth Center. 

“This is something we’ve been doing for six years or so now,” local business owner Emily Mehl said of the down home event. “We enjoy seeing things like this in the community and have made this into something people enjoy every year. It’s about giving back to the older people in our community and lifting spirits around Valentine’s Day.”

Echoing Mehl’s sentiments, Kentner added her own take to the continued tradition of food, fun and social enjoyment.

“As members of the business community here, we appreciate the opportunity to do something like this each year,” Kentner said. “It’s about bringing some comfort food, fun and a little Valentine’s Day spirit to a place where our community already enjoys getting together.”

The annual fried chicken feast also features activity announcements, giveaways, a 50/50 raffle and live auctions of small items. 

The two Stockton-based businesses also provided free gift bags for all in attendance which featured candies, cookie cutters and recipes for anyone looking to take a little bit of sweet, crafty fun home with them. 

Mehl and Kentner collectively said the event was attended by more guests this year compared to previous years’ and the duo already are looking forward to next year’s annual fried chicken meal.

Additional information regarding the Korth Center’s events, weekly meal menus, activity schedules and continued services can be obtained by calling 276-5306, by visiting the center at 309 Englewood Rd., or by checking the organization’s Facebook page.

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