Dear Editor,

Friday, Aug. 21, I picked up food and dairy products in El Dorado Springs, then hauled them to needy people in Stockton. The food was much needed, but it did not cover or make right the needs of the people I help. 

There are so many here in our area in need of medical help, but many of these people do not have the money for medicine, food or rent.

While on vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada, I saw the new football stadium for the Raiders and the new place for the National Hockey League team, the Golden Knights. 

To me, it seems as though we can build arenas for sports teams, along with casinos and prisons, while our infrastructure needs real attention.

I am wondering if America is like the old Roman empire — the biggest army in the world, great buildings and wonderful engineering — but it was rotten from within, and it fell and crumbled. 

We pamper sports jocks who make millions while playing a child’s game … and build them new stadiums and arenas because a sports hero does not want to play in a 30-year-old building while making their millions. 

Yet, we Americans seem to ogle in awe over sports stars and the wealthy elite while a child needs dental work and their teeth are rotting out of their head. 

I know a man who has cancer and his pills are $12,500 per month. Another who cannot afford his insulin. And, another who cannot afford his blood pills.

Who cares that we have a space craft on its way to Mars? We really need a vehicle hauling people to medical appointments.

I wonder if, like Rip van Winkle, I may wake up one day to see the America I once knew has changed into an old Roman empire-type nation.

I think of what America could be and should be … we do not even come in a close second.

Ernie Rucker


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