Dear Editor,

Regarding the SB391 passed by the Missouri House and Senate, I say kudos to Cheryl Y. Marcum for her letter to the Cedar County Republican. I would hope a hog farm or chicken farm would be put in where our elected officials could smell the hog farm or chicken farm and breathe the air coming from those farms. I would ask to check the records of such farms and see about waste lagoons and see where the waste goes.

Do we need such an operation on the Buffalo River or by Clinton and Truman Lake or Stockton Lake, and let a tragic event happen and waste gets into a stream or creek or river or lake? Or groundwater seeping into drinking water? If that would happen, would it be called an act of God and no one is responsible for any clean-up for damage? Would it be sloughed off like the Titanic and be called an act of God? Any death or illness by such an event be called an “oops” or not our fault? I would suggest if such an event happened, let the people who voted for this take your family for a swim or let them fish in the waters or take your family for a picnic close to the farm and enjoy the smell.

We have a beautiful state. I would not like to see or hear of any harm coming from any animal farm. We hear of jobs and how much we would get in money in taxes. That would be good but remember the bad side. I can remember where farms had hogs and chickens as Cheryl had wrote. That was very different from corporate farms. I am concerned and I would hope the people of our state would be also.

Ernie Rucker


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