Dear Editor,

We’d like to thank everyone who came to give life-saving blood Thursday, May 23, at the El Dorado Springs Church of Christ on. Our goal at this Blood Drive was to collect 35 units. We had a good response considering all the bad weather we have had over the past few days. We saw 33 folks who came in to donate and collected 29 units. We are so thankful to our community for getting out to the Blood Drive. It is more important than ever at this time, due to the thunderstorms, flooding, and tornadoes that have come through our area recently. Thank you so much. Blood from your donations go to many Hospitals, including El Dorado Springs, Nevada, Bolivar, Joplin and Springfield.

Thank you to the following: Sheryl Yoder, Daniel Yoder, Mary Wisner, Robert Wisner, Steve Wiseman, Sheryl Toliver, Greg Tabor, Jim Spencer, William Simmons, William Redburn, Lilly Plain, Angel Merz, Brenda Mart, David Loane, Larry Lewellin, Lori Leedy, Randy Leedy, Courtney Lasley, Pam Lacuesta, Brian Koger, John Koger, Linda Knight, Casey Knight, Robert Hite, Terri Heitz, Darrin Griffin, Pat Corbin, Carlos Cary, Judy Carver, Mary Cain, Bobby Budd, Teri Biddlecome and Shirley Beckman.

The following are volunteers who serve visibly or behind the scenes for the bloodmobile:  Christena Green, Kay Sewell, Kay Erickson, Jeannie Hertzberg, Angel Merz, Lois Herbst, Doris Fortney, Wilma McKinley, Joy Scott, Jan Richardson, Sheryl Walker, Kim Sewell and Teri Biddlecome. Thanks also to the Church of Christ for the use of their building for this important event.

Teri Biddlecome

CCMH hospital volunteer

El Dorado Springs

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