In an effort to expand its charitable reach, members of the Bolivar chapter of Kiwanis Club International met with perspective members in Stockton on Thursday, Sept. 17, at Stockton City Park, to discuss potential club chartering in the greater Stockton area.

In attendance from the longstanding Bolivar chapter, volunteers Steve Henderson and Neal DeShazo presented information and sought initial interest from Cedar County residents. 

Stockton mayor Roger Hamby was in attendance and noted the city’s need for more youth-centered activities in the Stockton area. 

“My real concern here is from the aspect of our local kids,” Hamby said. “They really need something to do here and I’d like to see the [Kiwanis] club get behind something like that or be a part of it.”

Henderson noted each club could prioritize its own civic and charitable undertakings, hold fundraisers and partner with other entities in the area while focusing on local projects, such as youth activities, parks improvements and additions, as well as charitable community events.

With a sponsorship an initial guidance from the established chapter in Polk County, group leaders look to encourage Stockton and Cedar County residents to become a part of the growing civic organization in the months ahead. 

According to both DeSazo and Henderson, the organization would need 15 members to charter a new club in the Cedar County area and both encouraged all in attendance ot reach out within the community to seek participation.

Interested parties seeking additional information or becoming a charter member are encouraged to visit Kiwanis Club of Stockton’s Facebook page and message the group about volunteer efforts and newfound opportunities. 

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A Kiwanis Club in the Stockton/Cedar County area would be of great benefit to the children and youth of the area. Interested persons should check out the Kiwanis Club of Stockton facebook page.

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